Steps to starting your

renovation project

Be careful who you deal with because not all renovation companies are the same. Protect yourself by following these simple steps. To start your renovation project call/text Wizard Homes President Tom Vujovic at (416) 904-9220 or email him at [email protected] for free expert advice and a no obligation quote.

Learn about the process

How We Work


Make sure the renovator can handle the work and devote all their time to only you.

From the first day to the last day of your renovation project, we’ll devote all our time to your specific project. We’ll show up on time and finish the work as fast as we can. If we say we’ll come back tomorrow, we’ll be there.

Unlike other renovators, we won’t take on extra projects until your job is done and you’re completely satisfied with our work. That is our commitment to you. The only exception — if there’s an emergency or we’re waiting for an electrician or plumber.


Receive a written quote.

We will provide a written email quote stating exactly what we will accomplish, when the project will start and finish.

We will also spell out the terms and final cost so there are no surprises, unless there are unforeseen circumstances or changes to the original plan.

It will ensure that everything is clear and protects you so there are no arguments.



For large renovation projects like basements or a full house a 15-20 per cent deposit is required to purchase materials. For smaller projects like painting, payment is due at the end of the job.


Ensure the renovator protects your belongings and workspace is cleaned nightly .

Before we start any renovation work, we make sure to protect your belongings by covering your furniture and flooring with sheets and plastic. We will respect your home as if it were our own. We will also ask you to remove any breakable items.

When we’re finished for the night, we will always make sure everything in your house that we worked on is tidy and clean. We have never had any complaints. The only time we may leave furniture covered, is if we want to protect your belongings, while material dries overnight. This is only after your approval.


Completing your renovation project.

After all the work done, we will check that everything has been completed properly by all trades and ensure all regulatory inspections have been completed.

We also make sure that you are 100 per cent satisfied with our work and leave the workspace clean and tidy. We want your referrals.